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Joseph M. Lenard

Joseph M. Lenard Photo Born: August 11, 1962 -- Trenton Michigan
Residence: Wyandotte, Michigan (since birth)
Marital status: Married March 13, 1999 to Rhonda M. Simpson

Committee to Elect: Joseph M. Lenard
1108 Mulberry  /  Wyandotte, MI 48192  /  734-218-4630

Back to Basics Principles:
It's time for:

* Balanced Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility
* Budget Reforms to prevent Special set asides, Budget
   gimmicks, and Politicians excuses
* Common Sense in Law making, Reforms to the process, and
   Repeal of years of bad Law
* Electoral Reforms
* Family Friendly Policies and Politics
* true Freedom
* Honesty
* Judicial Reforms, with Equal Protections & Real Justice
* Lower Taxes
* Personal Protection Rights
* Property Rights restored and protected
* Reduced Legislative sessions
* School Reforms that result in the Real Education of our
   Children in core subjects
* Solidly Repaired Roads, for the long term
* effective Term Limits
* and Less Government interference in our Lives!

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I will take my 'Real World' experience to Lansing to fight for 'Common Sense' solutions to todays problems, will oppose 'overburdening' legislation that unnecessarily interferes in the lives of Michigan's citizens, and work to 'reform' and/or 'reppeal' some of the mountains of Laws to restrict our 'Constitutionally protected' and 'ordained by God' Freedoms!
Joseph M. Lenard

'No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws; and nor shall any person be denied ... his civil or political rights or be discriminated against ... because of religion, race, or national origin.' -- Michigan State Constitution

Affiliations include:News about my opponent:
ACLU, ATR, Brass Roots, CAGW, Charter Choice Now!, Christian Coalition, Concord Coalition, Dads of Michigan, DRGO, Empower America, English First, FIN, GOA, Heritage Foundation, Kids First! Yes!, Libertarian Party, Michigan Republicans, MOM, NRA, Reform Party, Republican Party, RNC, RTL, Taylor Republicans, Teach Michigan, Traditional Values Organization, United We Stand America, Wayne-16 Committee O'Neil sides with Ameritech, trys to refuse Phone rate reduction in Michigan:
Lawmakers pass phone bill cut - 6/21/2000
Who's funding Bill? click below to find out
Candidate Comm. Statement: Bill O'Neil
Ameritech is on the list!
Fortunately, this is one Tax BILL you don't have to return:
O'Neil on Taxes

NOTE: Prop-2 tries to overturn Phone rate reduction!

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