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Article by Jim Rarey -- November 22, 2000
preview: ....As the nation was observing Veterans' Day on Nov. 11th, the Gore campaign was distributing a five page memo with instructions to local Democrat election officials in Florida on how to disqualify as many military absentee ballots as possible from overseas troops.
Presidential (U.S.) October 3rd 2000 Debate, A Republican Perspective
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- October 4, 2000
the Death Of Global Warming
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- August 7, 2000
preview: Is Global Warming Dead?
If we are to study just a few quick facts from the year 2000, then answer would be "YES" but it is....
Is Teacher Cheating Inevitable?
Article by Jim Rarey -- June 15, 2000
preview: ....In a recent Detroit News article it was revealed that teachers and/or school administrators have been caught changing test grades or helping students with the tests in six states. One of the most embarrassing was a district in Ohio that had been cited by President Clinton for its improvement in test scores. In Texas, 18 school officials have been indicted by a grand jury for falsifying test results.....
the No Peanuts Flight - Exercise in Ridiculousness
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- June 29, 2000
preview: ....I boarded NW0760 service from MSP to DTW (Detroit Metro Airport Detroit Michigan) and settled into seat 24-A. I was looking forward to the time when we'd be airborne and I'd have our standard fare for lunch - Peanuts. This was not to be an ordinary flight....
E-Commerce -- the good, bad, and just plain ugly of it!
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- June 29, 2000
preview: You hear the term everywhere: Electronic Commerce, or abbreviated to E-Commerce.
More and more individuals are turning to the Internet for their purchasing convenience. I myself, just this past Christmas (1999 season), purchased more than 50% of my gifts online. I was able to obtain great pricing, and didn't have to leave the comfort of my home. I saved hours of time and countless degree of frustration by avoiding the mall. That's right, if you know how to do it, or more-so where to go (and I'll be sharing that secret [links] with you), shopping online can be quick, simple, and save you a lot of money (as well as frustration). Plus, it was all delivered right to my home!! CONVENIENCE.....
From The Kitchen To Washington
Article by Elizabeth Kalabus -- May 17, 2000
preview: ....With banners and signs waving proudly in the air they rallied past the other march to an array of boos, threats, and disrespectful remarks but with great restraint....
What Million Mom March Was Really About
Article by David Keene (ACU) -- May 17, 2000
preview: ....At one level, what we saw was what we got. They rallied to show their distaste for societal violence and disintegration by demanding that Congress do something about gun violence. People who want to make a difference will invariably respond to those who offer what they perceive to be solutions to problems they want solved.
The important word here is "perceive." Perception will....
Gas Crunch 2000 Response
Article by U.S.Senator Spencer Abraham (R-Mi) -- May 8, 2000
preview: The dramatic increases in fuel prices that we saw earlier this year, coupled with the inadequate response on the part of the Administration, are cause for great concern. Especially, considering that the three previous recessions were preceded by rising gas prices. The latest round of increases....
Cease Fire, Ed Asner!
Article by J. Neil Schulman -- 1999
preview: Been watching TV recently? Or picked up a magazine? You've probably seen a TV spot with Ed Asner ("Lou Grant") speaking in somber tones, or a full-page ad in Time or The National Enquirer, warning you about....
A Rude Awakening
Article by J. Neil Schulman -- 1999
preview: They thought that sort of thing happened only in America, didn't they? Sure, in Killeen, Texas, you could have a madman with a gun start randomly shooting dozens of people, then turn the gun on himself. In Stockton, California, you could have a whacko with an "assault" rifle go into a school and start massacring innocent children. But not in....
Thanks Mr. Clinton
Article by unknown author -- May 1, 2000
preview: THANKS, MR. CLINTON FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR US AND THE CHILDREN. Thank you for introducing us to Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and about two dozen other names that we might not have met and known otherwise. Thank you for showing all the men and women of America that sexual harassment in the work place, and on the job, is okay....
What's Wrong With This News Item?
Article by Jim Rarey -- April 27, 2000
preview: ....How can it be that the oil companies’ profits can increase when the cost of crude oil to them went up? The obvious answer is that they boosted the pump price of gasoline and diesel fuel by more than their increased costs. Is that called profiteering or just the normal operation of the free enterprise....
Social Security And The Congressional Parachute
Article by Elizabeth Kalabus -- April 24, 2000
preview: ....Our Senators and Congressmen don't pay in to Social Security, and, of course, they don't collect from it. The reason is that they have a special retirement plan that they voted for themselves many years ago. For all practical purposes, it works like....
Elian Gonzalez - A Lesson In Freedoms
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- April 23, 2000
preview: It has been rather interesting, and somewhat surreal to witness the last few months, and especially the last few days (with the INS' abduction/rescue depending on your "side" of this issue and) events. It is time for a long hard look "objectively as possible" at this Emotion based issue and at what is (has been) really....
Why Not Legal Protection For Adulterers?
Article by Jim Rarey -- April 8, 2000
preview: ....is that adultery has become, not just socially acceptable, but even glorified in soap operas, movies, and videos. Adultery needs no "protection" because there is no discrimination. Indeed, the top elected official in the land is an admitted adulterer (and probably a rapist) but maintains his popularity because....
CENSUS, A Different Take
Article by Martyn Kieler -- March 28, 2000
preview: ....members of the Libertarian, Reform, and Republican parties who agree, at least in part, that Government is too big and intrusive, the Census provides a wonderful opportunity to do something....
Michigans New Seat Belt Law: Safety or MONEY GRAB?
a.k.a. the "Click it, or ticket" Law - formerly not Primary enforceable
a.k.a. "Buckle up, or PAY up!"
quote from John McCullouch - WXYT
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- March 2000
Gas Crunch 2000
Article by Joseph M. Lenard -- February 2000
SOCIAL inSECURITY - Just who's Security is protected?
Article by Martyn Kieler -- January 2000
What is Real Compassion
Article by Lawrence W. Reed - Mackinac Center for Public Policy -- January 1997 revised January 2000
Sales Tax, Michigan and other States angle at latest Tax Grab: INTERNET SALES
Article by Joseph M. Lenard about Michigan's latest (4th Qtr 1999) attempt at broader Tax collection. -- November 1999
Federally Coerced Population Growth - The Social Contract
Article by Roy Beck -- Spring 1995
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