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What do I do for a living? Check out my Resume Resume Photo

As for my Personal life, well...
As of March '99 I got married to a Wonderful woman named
Rhonda Michelle Simpson, from the Grand Rapids Michigan area.
Check us out Rhonda/Joe Kiss Happiness at last!

Sports - Check out these sites...
ArenaFan AFL G.R.Rampage

You may contact me via the following manner
EMail! (click here)    U.S.Mail to:   
    1108 Mulberry            
    Wyandotte, MI. 48192-4115
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       Home:     734-218-4630      

Joseph Lenard

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St. Joseph, Wyandotte
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Cox, Beth - InternetNews -- 01/2000
E-Commerce -- the good, bad, and just plain ugly of it!
Joseph M. Lenard -- June 29, 2000
A collection of Email and Internet do's and don'ts
Internet Tax -- Michigan and other States angle at latest Tax Grab: INTERNET SALES
Joseph M. Lenard about Michigan's (Qtr-4 '99) attempt at broader Tax collection. -- November 1999

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