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Created: August 7, 2000
the Death Of Global Warming
by: Joseph M. Lenard

A brief, to the point, and common sense look at "Global Warming"

Is Global Warming Dead?
If we are to study just a few quick facts from the year 2000, then answer would be "YES" but it is, of course, not that simple. The year 2000 has seen a much cooler than expected Summer. Chicago radio reports that (as of July 18) the absence of recording a 90 degree day in the year is the longest since 1975. New York television reported this month the absence of 90 degrees the longest since 1899. State after State reports cooler temperatures.

What would our "Global Warming" alarmist friends say to that?...
..."It's not as simple as looking at one year!"
and for once they'd actually be right.
This is the whole point that gets missing by most in the "Global Warming" debate. We have been keeping weather related statistics/information a relatively short time (at least in the sophisticated manner that we do today, and that needs to be maintained in order to model sufficient studies).

A quick look at the Basics and applying some "Common sense" to the subject, for a change:
There are "Weather patterns" YES? Yes.
The weather is cyclical YES? Yes (remember those season things - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - cycles in the basic sense). There are multiple year cycles in varying lengths, and we have yet to have a complete handle on all of these cycles (el-nino, etc...). Some cycles/patterns could be several hundred, or thousand, years in duration. There are many factors internal to the planet and external (astrological) to our planet that have bearing on our weather. To fail to consider such factors ignores reality. Remember the "Return to the Ice age" scares of the late 70's?? Now were in the "Global Warming" scare and without enough data to contribute the cause/effect properly (at least in my opinion).

As a contrast to the stories I reported to you above about a cooler than normal/expected Summer across the Northern United States, CNN last week reported that the Oceans are warming at a rate of 1 degree every 10 years (far faster than the air temperature changes reported by/for "Global Warming") and the concern over the eco-system of our waters. No doubt the Global Warming Extremists will tout that as a sign of continued Global Warming, and your clue that they are more concerned about other agenda's than the truth because they'll conveniently leave out the cooler than normal air temperatures portion of the equation!! They'll be quick to tout the opinion that the Global warming is causing our oceans to warm. but which is cause? which is effect? More likely the ocean temperature/warming effecting land air temperature, than the reverse.

Is Global warming dead?
Is Global warming a cause for concern?
YES, but not too the panic stricken degree some take it.
Is Global warming "all our (human) fault"?
Please, get over it, NO!
Are we partly responsible?
Without doubt we know we do things adverse to the environment.
Should we continue to investigate and monitor the situation
Could this all be part of a "Weather Cycle" that will correct itself
YES it could, but also may indeed not be.

It is now time to ask ourselves the limits to which we do participate in the "Global warming" problem, and what we can truly do about it. It is my contention that while we must be mindful of the Environment, and should do what we can to ensure we leave this land as we find it; or at least in the best possible shape we can; for future generations (our "children"). I would also contend that we must use "Common Sense" and "Moderation". Until the other Nations (for one you can reference other Articles at this site regarding Gasoline and how European nations [reported by USA today] are still using LEADED gasoline) of the Globe contribute to the correction of the "perceived" or "real" (depending on your view or politics) problem anywhere close to the degree we have addressed it in the United States it is time for us to pause our efforts.

We keep hearing about how the Poor keep getting poorer.
We do not help the poor by continually Taxing them more heavily for Government funded studies.
We do not help the poor by "regulating" businesses to the extent that our products cost so more to purchase than would otherwise be the case without the regulation and degree of "environmental concern" associated costs.
We do not help workers by driving up the costs of Products in the U.S. due to all of these factors.

Like I said, do we need to worry about the Environment and Global warming? YES, but let's do so with some "REASONING" behind it. We cannot save our Planet, while others refuse to cooperate, while we destroy ourselves in the process! It's time to apply some Common Sense and Reason!

Do the planet a favor, send some "Global warming" extremist into space, they're using up our oxygen unnecessarily!!

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