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[Abraham, Spencer - U.S.Senate (R-Mi)]
Gas Crunch 2000 Response -- May 8, 2000

[Anderson, Faye - Project 21]
Taxing Proposition: Should the Working Poor Finance New Government Spending? -- October 1998

[Arena Fan Sports - various Authors]
Arena Fan Sports - for the latest News and Commentary visit ArenaFan.com
various articles, various writers

[Beck, Roy]
Federally Coerced Population Growth - The Social Contract -- Spring 1995

[Blue Oval News]
FREE SPEECH challenged: Ford Motor challenges Ford Mustang site and owner

FREE SPEECH challenged: Consumers fight corporations on Web, but protests costly -- March 2000

[Cox, Beth - InternetNews]
E-Commerce said to be Eco-Friendly -- 01/2000


[Frobom, Aarne H. - Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
Tickets as Taxes: A Cautionary Tale from California -- December 1997

[Houston Chronicle]
Census Bureau sued by Houston Attorney -- March 23, 2000

[Kalabus, Elizabeth]
From The Kitchen To Washington -- May 17, 2000

Social Security And The Congressional Parachute -- April 24, 2000

[Keene, David - ACU]
What Million Mom March Was Really About -- May 17, 2000

[Kieler, Martyn]
CENSUS, A Different Take -- March 28, 2000

SOCIAL inSECURITY - Just who's Security is protected? -- January 2000

[Lenard, Joseph M.]
911 - Day of Tragedy, Day of Miracles

-Candidate for Public Office Page-

the Detroit Fury Open House II - Arena Football -- January 2001

E-Commerce - here is the future of business -- March 2000

E-Commerce -- the good, bad, and just plain ugly of it! -- June 29, 2000

Elian Gonzalez - A Lesson In Freedoms -- April 23, 2000

Gas Crunch 2000 -- February 2000

the Death Of Global Warming -- August 7, 2000

Internet Tax -- Michigan and other States angle at latest Tax Grab: INTERNET SALES
about Michigan's (Qtr-4 '99) attempt at broader Tax collection. -- November 1999

the Kick is up, the kick is good - Arena Football -- November 2000

Nashville Kats Hope Third Time Is The Charm - Arena Football -- August 2000

A collection of Email and Internet do's and don'ts

the No Peanuts Flight - Exercise in Ridiculousness -- June 29, 2000

Presidential (U.S.) October 3rd 2000 Debate, A Republican Perspective -- Oct.'00

On the Road to Madness - Drivers (misl)ED
about the state of driving in Michigan. -- Nov.'99 revised: Feb.'00

Seat Belt Law: Safety or MONEY GRAB?
a.k.a. the "Click it, or ticket" Law - formerly not Primary enforceable
a.k.a. "Buckle up, or PAY up!"
quote from John McCullouch - WXYT
March 2000

Where's the Fury? - Arena Football -- October 2000

[Oliver, Daniel T.]
Animal Shelters / Humane Society of the U.S.
Capital Research Center, Alternatives in Philanthropy, The Humane Society of the U.S.: It's Not about Animal Shelters
-- October 1997

[OurSports - various Authors]
OurSports: for the latest Sports News and Commentary visit OurSports
various articles, various writers

[Peterson, Edmund - Project 21]
What Earth Day Means to Minority Citizens -- April 1998

[Pritchett, Kevin - Project 21]
Government Rules Akin to "Regulatory Racism" -- March 1998

[Rarey, Jim - Medium Rare]
Bureaucrats Wreaking Death and Destruction -- May 14, 2000

Charter Schools versus City Government -- March 2000

China to help disarm American Citizens? Sacrificing Security by Empowering/Trusting our enemies! -- March 2000

political-jrarey-DidFedsSetUpSeniorTowerKillings-000422 -- April 22, 2000

Is Teacher Cheating Inevitable? -- June 15, 2000

NRA Needs To Look Further Past Feds -- July 19, 2000

State and Federal preemption of Local Authority -- March 2000

THAT'S IT! THE LINE HAS BEEN CROSSED! -- November 22, 2000

Treaties versus the U.S. Constitution -- January 2000

Waco - A New Revelation -- January 2000

What's Wrong With This News Item?
-- April 27, 2000

Why Not Legal Protection For Adulterers? -- April 2000

[Reed, Lawrence - Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
Real Compassion, What is Real Compassion? -- Jan.'97 revised Jan.'00

[Schulman, J. Neil]
Cease Fire, Ed Asner!
-- 1999

Rude Awakening
-- 1999

Thanks Mr. Clinton
-- May 2000


see also: Political Articles/Links - by Date entered

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