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DeLorean : DMC-12
The Auto Industry Stainless Steel Wonder!
$14,500 Contact Joe 734-218-4630
The longer you procrastinate, the less willing I'll be to negotiate!

About the Car? (Descriptive text)

We're going to, in all seriousness, take a good look via pictures.
However, I'll be making some light-hearted comments along the way...

Something had to be first, and this one's it.

Not the Best Picture, so look on...

A good picture of the Interior

Yep, that's just the Muffler, old and rusty,
but she works just fine.
The important (underbelly) parts are clean

Here's a look under the hood.

Here's a look at the hood!

And the back-side we have the Engine compartment.
Note "Stainless Steel" Coolant resevoir update.

A nice Exterior shot.

The Engine, which belongs in the
Engine compartment of the car.
Who sorted these?

How did two of the kids get in here?

Another shot of the Back end

Like I said in the text description
The original seats need work
and this is the better of the 2

Another look at the Pasenger side seat

Another look at the Pasenger side seat

Another view of the Interior
NOTE: I have a new shift boot to go with the car.
Also note, how well the seat covers blend!

Full Frontal exposure!

Ready to fly away to it's new home.

Looky there, how convenient, the Price and my Pone number!

Well, I guess the bottom needs some (little) cleanup
then seal it up good as new!
I could just clean it up and you'd never know,
but I'm givin' you truth in advertising
If you want perfect? Send me $25,000,
I'll send her to you with the minor stuff done.

Good view.

Up front she's a lot cleaner underneath
and like I said, you're getting
a deal, you can do some of the minor work.

As you can see the switches and knobs
are in new status, new shift boot
not in yet, as mentioned before.
And a great shot of the Cup Holders

So, let's sum it up:

If you do take the Regulator off, send me an Email with how fast you get her up to and in what timeframe! I'm dying to know.

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